Why is this wildest creature will be no more?

Save the wild animals, Save the universe

Hello friends, How are you doing. I hope we all are locked down and we all are waiting for the escape. But we will escape one day, but just as much as we will try to look after the positive things, the more it will become easier. Who knows in future how much things are going to change? So be ready and friends for a change and it will be good for society for sure.

I am the nature
I am the nature









Today we will in the Get this Universe blog will read and find another wildest and the rare animal which slowly is on the decline. According to many animals foundations, it is in the red zone which is bad, very bad. The animal society we are talking about is


Jaguar comes from the cat family and is the third wildest cat in this world. It is similar to leopard but different when you will look him closely. Mostly you will find these animals in the dark and broad leaves wooden jungle and some outer areas of the south and north American areas. The jaguar is a dangerous animal in the American Continent.

Epic photo
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Features of this wildest animal

The jaguar is the wildest one as its name according to its origin means beast who prey. It is the most muscular animals than the other in America, so it means it is the largest animal in America and the third overall. Wildest why we are saying because he can climb, swim, run. Prey for him is very easy but still, there is a process.

The prey of jaguar is an organized one, he never attacks without planning. The jaws and the body is muscular still many geologists and the researchers say that he always plans and follow the process.

The weight of jaguar varies, male ones are from 56 kg Р123kg and the females are 10-20%  lighter than the males.

What do they eat?

The favourite food of jaguar is cattle and sheep well they love them and prey on them like a pro. But it does not mean they don’t like others, they eat deers, buffalos, fish, turtles.

Why this Wildest Animal is so Important for us?

Well, there is not so much likeness about the jaguar, even their name means they are born to hunt, They eat everything means everything. But why they are so important for us because they play an important role in the ecosystem.

The Adult jaguar is the keystone animal because they eat all kind of animals, so they make the balance in the ecosystem. If we will not save them, Have you read a book Animal Farm ??

In that book author had mentioned how animals can rule over the men, It will become truth. So, we have to save them but the problem is are we really saving them ??

Wildest one is in danger
Is Jaguar is in danger ??

Yes, they are in danger, and they are in big danger. In the year of 1960, the humans have hunt killed jaguar almost. From then there are so many laws and rules for the jaguars, so many bans are on the hunt of jaguars but the fact is saying something else:

The jaguars are or were living in all American continent, means all America was there for them. But America himself I think is not following the laws. There is no jaguar in North America now. All are shifted to the South American nations.

The jaguars, when shifted to South America, though we will live here happily in the beautiful rainforests of brazil or the Peru park or other forests their people are now hunting them why ?? Like we shared here so many times the greed of humans ??

A 6ft man wants to become 6ft5 inch because his friend has same height when he goes to some other parts, he thinks he is so tall and people don’t like him.

That is what we all do daily and happening there, they are hunting them for their flesh because their flesh is so useful for their damn trade. Oh man, how much you wanna trade. One day they will trade souls we guess.

Jaguars are so important for us. So I think we should save them and if we will not save them then no one will save us. Like what is happening these days,

We have a problem but we don’t know

What is the solution?

Thank you and have a good time.

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