Why do we need to save banyan tree ?

What is the banyan tree and Why it is so important?

The banyan tree is a fig and like the other types of fig trees, it is the very different type of tree. The roots come from the upward to the downwards towards the earth. It has broad leaves and thick trunks. Read its wiki for the full structure but here we will discuss its importance and why we need to save banyan tree.

Important for health

Importance of this tree :

The importance of banyan tree is a long topic and here we will not shy to discuss it. If we can discuss or write or read some nonsense stuff then why we can not do stuff which is important for nature

Importance in health

The importance of the banyan tree in the health department is something we can not even imagine. Everyone has a problem in the tooth decay problems, this is the one for which we spend so many money but the medicines which are made from our teeth have mostly used banyan tree leaves.

Not just in tooth problems, doctors to heal skin problems, the various skin scientists and the various specialists recommended banyan tree for healing.

In this lockdown, people say the person who has a strong immune system can save themselves from coronavirus. The banyan tree has an immunomodulatory system through which it can increase our immune system too.

Keep patience
Please save us

Importance for Hinduism and Indians

Well for the Indians banyan tree has its own importance, apart from its role in the area of medical science, the banyan tree should be important for all Indians.


Why This is Important?

The banyan tree is the symbol for Lord Shiva. In Indian culture, on various occasions, the banyan tree symbolizes as a God’s symbol or messenger. You have to worship properly for the goodness of the particular event.

The villages of India and banyan tree also has a very strong bonding. Very stories there are if you search and some are fictional but some are really real.

There were times when many tourists or seekers rested under a banyan tree and even spend many nights. The Villages superevident announced and did meetings under it also. So as an Indian, we should show the unconditional love of us towards banyan tree and should save it.

What are threats for banyan tree?

  1. The biggest threats for this tree is humans of course. The overuse and need have a big difference and us humans do not understand. The cutting of the banyan tree is going on illegally which is a shame for us and there is no one who stops them.
  2. There is a lot of conflict between the doctors and the Religious Hindu people for its use.  The doctors need its leaves for the medical use and in some part of the country, the use of its leaves should only be in the religious or in Ayurveda manner. The ancient people are against its use in medicine. So, the tree is seeing conflict and lack of unity.
  3. The greed of humans is increasing day by day, for its use human being can destroy anything. So, instead of saving the tree, We people are now dangerous for it.
  4. Someone was saying on television the Flats or apartments are real assets. So land is important for everyone and for the safer lands we have to cut trees. Really ?? So, according to them, we have to cut trees for our apartments so we can build a colony their easily and it can be an income source. It will increase our GDP. By cutting nature they want to increase GDP.
Save the planet
Save the planet
How to save these trees?
  1. Without knowledge nothing is impossible in blogs and sites like us, we can just give you direction but you have to search history and the books and the stories, you have to live the banyan tree era and then only you can feel some connection with it. Because without emotions everything is useless.
  2. The campaigns are the best source also but at the digital level and we already have seen so many results. But the problem is we want likes and views, I hope everyone not.
  3. Do one thing but with effectiveness and do not do formality. Imagine how you will. feel if someone will say you that I will secure you but when you need that person he/ she is doing formality. It will hurt right so same goes here, leave your formality and diplomatic thing in your pocket.
  4. Saving them from politics is also an important thing because many times whenever someone wants to do something for society the corruption comes. Even the cross this barrier the main problem comes if we will depend on the support from others. Just do not depend on them please, do not get wrong and I am not against any party but do not hope the way of their work may confuse you. So it’s better to do things individually rather than government support.

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