Who was wrong??

She was bleeding, No one was there for her help, but she was happy, because she finished what they started.

A short story of a Desperate Girl

Annyah was 18 years old small town girl. Like all girls she want to become something, She always tells her mother, One day you will be proud of me.Like all mothers, her mother was supportive but cary too.

After her degree, she started a job in a travel agency as a assistant of his boss. His boss was a good person. Like all the bosses he was rude, but he was very kind for Annyah, One day she was working in the office, Her boss called him, She entered

May I come In Sir

Yes you are

Annyah congratulation you have a promotion, In month sir?? She was happy but surprised, In short stammering, Yes dear my personal assistant is working very poor for the company, she has no closer, nothing productive is happening, So you will take her position,

And its an order too.

She was happy but by controlling her emotions, she said ok sir.

She came to house, her dad was surprised by this news but as she mentioned he was happy with her Dad progress

After 2 weeks

Annyah was preparing. She was looking glorious, She was in hurry, Not even took breakfast, I am going mom, will be back in some days.

She was going for a business tour with her boss. She entered into the office, She felt something changed, The office was looking luxurious like a bar or something, She was waiting for her boss and then her boss arrived, with some of his friends, They werr staring her, She just smiled.

So she is girl with the most of the closures in the company, Anyone can give het anything, One of the friend of her boss said. Everyone smiled but Annyah was looking downward, feeling good but was confused.

Is it a compliment or something else??

Come on Annyah, Get in the car, We have flight to attend.

Yeah sir, So, the tour started

They landed on airport and then on their destination hotel in 1 hour of flight.

Everyone was tired, her boss was busy in gossips with their drinks, annyah was laying down on her bed in her hotel room

Dream it is, a new room, a.c., nice couch, Everything perfect, one day it all will be mine,

Knock knock

Her short dream was disturbed by the knock on the door,

Who is there?

Mam Mr Walker is calling you downsstairs

Ok I’ll come in 5 minutes.

She was in night dress, she changed and then she went downstairs.

Yes sir,

Sit here Annyah,

Everyone was staring at her, Her boss put his arms on ther shoulder,

Sir please you shouldn’t

They all started to tease her, touching her, and she was again in confusion



It was heating up,

In her mind several thoughts were running

I am helpless

They will fired me

My dreams


Suddenly her boss said

Compromise dear, you are backbone of the company, Enjoy this moment. Three of them was desparate for her, She was desperate for success.


Out of no where she pushed them all, she gave them warning with a knife in her hands, like a warrior, like a fighter,

I will kill you alll you son of b****&

They smiled at her

On the next moment

She pull her boss and put a knife in his stomach, two of other guys suddenly afraid and got anger, like they will rip her, Actually they almost ripped her out her soul with a bloody man whose body was in their hands,

She was caught by them, they teard her clothes,she was naked, but she grabbed a lamp and make them paid for their lust.

She called hotel manager

She was bleeding, No one was there for her help, but she was happy, because she finished what they started.
But who started it??

Whose fault was there

All of them??

One of them??

A girl from small town want to acheive something.She should think once atleast that she is going with three men.but in these times does we care?? Her parents no one asked her where is meeting, what type of?? With whom you are going??? But if they will asked,

In these days

Does we allow them??

Unanswered questions are there in the story, let we all find the answers because it is not the story of a Annyah,It can be our family members, your, mine, Someone’s daughter, mother, wife, girlfriend.

Thankyou for reading.

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