Which is the famous rainforest in the world ?

The story of daintree rainforest 

Introduction: Hello friends, how are you? I hope everyone is doing good. Today we are going to Australia through this website in Queensland and will see this different forest which they say Daintree Rainforest.  So here we go :

  The trees are the most important aspect of these planets. The humans and animals they can not survive without them. We have to save them because they are saving us. When we say trees, it means forests and when we say forest the picture comes to mind is the most unique and different type of forests in this world. It is unique, It can attract you as a model or celebrity attracts. Why we are saying this? Its personality is like this.

The picture of queensland
The grass and the sun – magical combo.

What is Daintree Rainforest?

The Daintree Rainforest is the heritage of Australia. It is located in the northeast part of the Queensland, Australia. This forest covers the area of 462 square meters. The whole population of the Australian animals are living in this forest. It includes a national park also and the forest is attractive as well as very historical. One of the old forest in this world.n 2009 as part of the celebrations of the day Q150  Daintree Rainforest was announced as one of the Q150 of Queensland. The forest is the natural attraction for the tourists

The History of the forest :

Millions of years ago, the warm winds were the only thing in Australia. The people.and history tells us How warm it was. In these days they have AC, Fans, other electrical facilities but who knows at that time how things were ??  No one was living in this part of the world, not all the plants and animals were ready to survive here, Australia was not anyone’s first choice but out of nowhere, these rainforests choose Daintree region. It was refuge then for these forests. From then these rainforests are now Daintree Rainforest and are part of each other.

Hanging bridge
Hanging bridge
Do You know about The Idiot fruit?

In the 1970s Australia’s most significant discovery is the Idiot fruit in the Daintree Rainforest. It is also known as the green dinosaur. Out of 19 major species, the 12( correct us if we are wrong) are in the Australia Daintree Rainforest.

What it has for the visitors ??
  • There are a lot of things in this area for the visitors, there are some ancient plants. Some are very rare. IDIOTFRUIT, EFERNS (Angiopteris evecta)NOAH’S SATINASH (Syzygium maraca)NATIVE GINGERS (Family: Zingiberaceae)FAN PALM (Licuala ramsayi)PANDANUS
  • There is a national park in the Daintree rainforest. It covers most of the land and in this park, you will see the variety of animals, birds, sea animals, two different crocodiles and a lot more.
  • Driving in the middle of the forest is the most interesting things. Imagine you are driving an offroad car and alongside the trees long trees I mean, bushes, plants, kangaroos saying Hello in their style. It is the once in a lifetime moment we guess.
  • It has so many historical tales. The Aussies say that this forest contains our old civilizations signs and some marks. This park and this forest symbolize Australia
  • They look hard and tall but from the bottom, they are soft, if you will go closer to them. The inner soul of the people and this forest will seduce you in the arms of divine natural beauty.

Humans in Daintree Rainforest 

Daintree Rainforest is the land of Kuku Yalanji people. They lived there before anyone. The legendary stories of these people are still famous for the youth of Australia. The land is owned by the geologist and photographer Richard Dain

These are something which we know about this forest. Add comments about this post and help us to add more stuff. Thank you for reading.

Exercise for you : 

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What is the name of your favourite animal?

How can we save an animal in this universe?

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