Which city is closest to the Antarctica ?

Which city is closest to Antarctica?

The Puerto Williams city is the closest city towards Antarctica. It is situated in the chile and it is also known as the southernmost city of the world. Puerto Williams is the main centre point for the various travellers and for the researchers who come for Antarctica. Most of them stay there for some hours and decide or reconsider their plans and the life that will be in no living land.

The history of the Puerto Williams

There are so many stories in the making of this city and most of them are proven correct like the yah gan people were the first kind of people who lived here and it is about ten thousand years ago. The European did not discover this city very early, yes not like other parts of the world. Well, the Europeans entered here in the late sixteen century( dear users some stories has facts and numbers but if we did not believe, we do not want to put them in our blog, because we do not want to publish half-hearted things).


Yes, that was their reaction when they found gold in the city in the late 19th century and there were so many gold miners who were working then. In the research, we found their quantity was around 200-300.

Official Founded

The city became a naval base for the chile in 1963 and was founded in the same year. After some five to six years they had their first naval hospital also.

The snowfall in summers

We can understand this can not be possible in Asia or especially in our country India but it is correct, the Puerto William is closest to Antarctica so it has semi Antarctica type of weather. Snowfall in summers is very usual. It has long winters and short summers.

Economic structure :

Puerto Williams because it is very closest to Antarctica, so best for the tourists especially if you love hiking and the long trips to climb on peaks and all. To be honest it is the best place to visit and not just the peaks and heights it has a national park and the museums of the yah gan people who were the first here as we mentioned it earlier.

So as we can see the city whole economy depends upon its tourism and city focused on it a lot, to be honest. The hotels and the facilities are awesome as many people mentioned that even the facilities can not be like pro-American type but still it is fine.

The population of the city is 2,874 and this can tell you how life will.be there. There are so many other blogs where you can find each and everything about this city. For today that is it from our side…

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