What will happen if Ice age come back ?

Introduction :

Hello friends and how are you doing ?? We pray for your life and just keep us in your prayers too. Prayers have the power that other things do not have. Today we will discuss the Ice age

Today generation or we are seeing a very tougher period in the form of coronavirus. Many people are dying. Humanity loss is uncontrollable. But there were few things before which hurt human a lot. Humanity had been extinct at some level before like this. Many times we can say. Today we will give you information about a thing which caused a lot of trouble before. It was a natural disaster. And it is known as

Ice age

A situation on our planet earth when the temperature goes down to 12° farehntine. Yes, the whole earth becomes an Ice planet like the moon. This happens because of the northern hemisphere ice fails to melt. Instead of it, Ice turns into big ice plates and slowly and slowly takes a big shape.

The earth has been seen 5 Ice Age events so far

Yes, on five different occasions earth has been covered by ice. No water no heat no food only Ice. These events were

Ice Age Events











Andean Saharan

Late palaeozoic

Quaternary Ice Age

Imagine yourself you wake up and you see what ?? Everything outside is full of Ice ?? Ok, maybe due to snowfall but. Then you will get to the whole country is like this situation. The whole northern hemisphere has taken over the planet. There is nothing no cell phones, no food only Ice. And the temperature is like -12°c  maximum. How you will live?

Last humans survived Ice Age ??

Yes, humans are the most intelligent creature ever lived on earth. We can survive from anything. But last humans survived from An Ice Age event. Our ancestors shifted to the Eden garden which is 240 miles away from the east of cape town.  That was the only option because

Whole North America, Russia, north Asia were under Ice Plates. No. of species killed and humans also.


Well, this is a million-dollar question. Last Ice Age came almost 6000 years ago. Many experts say that the Ice age comes every 1000 years. So, the earth is now close to an ice age as far as stats are telling us. But wait a minute.

Still, 4000 years to go and there are a number of reasons it may not come because

  • The global warming effect
  • The greenhouse gases
  • The humidity is more than before
  • Even the colder areas are now warmer than before
  • The best example is in London. Last winters of England were different than before. It was humid.
But if it will come we can survive because
  • We have so many humid places.
  • Before it will come we can prepare ourselves. It will not come out of anywhere. As we mentioned before it takes 1000 years for the making of an Ice Age.
  • We have so much useful technology to make us warm these days.
  • Habitat will be no issue.

But the main problem which we face is

We don’t know how to live in the uncomfort zone.

Our mental toughness is weaker than before.

The population will be an issue. How to put all in one continent or two. Suppose India and China ?? How others will manage them.

Lack of unity because we all know humanity level has been gone down. Who knows what type of human our future generation will be. Will they survive together or not ??

Well, they will have to if they will have the desire to live. But thank you for reading this article. It was really fun. So interesting. Next time we will catch you soon with another different story on

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