What is the Role of trees in save electricity ?

Role of trees to save electricity

Hello friends and how are you doing. Today we will look after the role of trees when we think to save electricity. They play a very crucial role here.

Actually, trees are one of the most important natural resources we have. Remember those days when there were no fans and AC in India and people were sit under the trees. The people talked about everything from Maradona to George Bush. That was priceless time.

Now the more we have facilities the lazier we are. If are so in the comfort zone. So, if we do not want to live without electricity, we have to save trees.  We have to make a balance between natural and human resource.

Seriously how can we imagine to use everything at once? Natural.resources are not pancaked that if you will eat all, you will. get the new one. It is natural.  Who knows in future how much we need. So we have to understand the value of trees because

Save trees
Save trees

And how we can save trees ?? First of all, there should be a connection between you and them. If there will be no connection you can’t save them forever. It is not possible.

Conditional love is not for life.

You have to find unconditional love for trees.why can’t you love them ?? Really why can’t?? They do every single thing for you by just standing on the ground. If you have a connection then

Do  not cut trees

Call the police if someone is cutting in an illegal way.

Grow one tree in one month at least.

Read about their importance and then spread the knowledge in society.

Make some videos and stories about them. Just forget your self one day.

That is it for today.

Stay happy and save the universe. Please do not take things here for granted.


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