What is the life of a polar bear ?

 Life of the Polar bear

Introduction :

This universe has so much beauty. There are so many secrets which we don’t know. Maybe somewhere we have heard about them. We read about them. But not all of them we see so often. But we can try to seek them, know them and learn from them. Because they are also part of our universe and they are our family.

Today friends, You are on the “Get the Universe” website and today we will talk about and will see The life of a polar bear. It is very interesting, So let’s begin :

Polar bear

Who is the polar bear and where they live?

The polar bear is a part of the bear family who is much stronger and very different from a normal bear. They live in the arctic sea all their life. The polar bears are the hyper carnivorous bear. The weight of the male bear is around 350 kg- 700 kg and the female bear is half of the weight of the males. The polar bears are mostly found in the countries Denmark, Canada, United States, Norway. They surrounded the territories of these countries.

Small little polar bear

Cool but not so cool- the personality of this bear

Well, the polar bear is a very sweet looking animal from its looks and their faces. The white hairs on the skin the blackish eyes and small eyes and the face. Anyone can say I need him in my penthouse or they can be on your wishlist but before you are going to decide this or you are going to see them, Please read below things about this personality :

The lack of interaction: Well, the lack of interaction with human society makes a polar bear totally unfriendly to us. Because they live in the arctic sea and the population there is rare. So, this rare thing makes them like Who the hell are humans ??

Yes, it is so. There was a Japanese reporter who mentioned that a polar bear ran toward him once when he was clicking some photos. God saved him on that day and he reached his truck. Still, apart from the thing that wildlife photographer has the last laugh, the bear roared on window or door of the truck.

Do not expect just a bear hug: Well, the bear hug is a very famous thing. You know how a bear kills the animals or anything which they don’t like. But the polar bears are different. They will attack you like other animals. They believe in a fight and they are much aggressive than the other bears. Even the small bears when they play they play like small fights with each other.

Polar beer 2






The small ones are friendly: The small bears of this category are more friendly. According to a Zoologist Nikita, the small bears are the ones with whom you can play, cuddle them and they are the favourite toys for you to play really. They are sweet not much aggressive. May be their father and mother do not like this thing but still, they will see this thing from a distant and sometimes females can participate but males are males you know. NEVER EVER.

The moody bear: When we were researching and reading stuff. One thing came to my mind. The introverts and moody. This is good maybe they love to live in their own space. They can be a good read for sure. In a movie, they can play the role of the introvert you know who is aggressive and different from his brother but very introvert.

What they eat :

The polar bear’s ear seals mostly. Depends upon their locations, they try different types of seals according to their tastes. They need healthy flesh of seals. Yes some of them also eat whales, no no no not blue whales the different one, Beluga Whales.

Sleepy bear

How much time do they live?

The oldest bear in the zoological park lived for 45  years and in the arctic land, a bear lived for 32 years. A polar bear can live for 30 years but mostly the average is around 15 to 20 years.

Ivory in Polar bears ?

In the year of 1992, there were some cases when the polar bear was hunting by some civil people. The greed of humans is endless. We don’t know why we all want to know everything. Why we disturb the lives of everyone. Animals, plants, humans.

We often say Live and Let Them Live.

But Not sure whether we are following it or not ??

Coming back to ivory yes humans never atop here also but thanks to God, The cases are not too much.

Well, this the story and life of polar bear for you guys. Tell us which one was the interesting part for you.

Exercise for you 

Have you seen a polar bear yet ??

Which is your favourite animal ??

Have you wanna go to Antarctica?

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