What happened to her son ?

The story, The Lesson and The Son


Hello friends how are you doing ?? I hope everyone is doing good in their lives. Today we will discuss something which is as a danger as coronavirus, maybe not for us directly but direct to nature. So without wasting any time, let’s get to nature and how to save our Tigers?

A small story


the family of tigers, the cubs live with her mother for two years and then leave for his own identity. The cubs become independent and they become a seeker of their destiny. Mart’s story was the same. He left her mother when he was two years old.

Her mother was emotional but determined and happy for her son. She knew that life will be risky but that’s is something that she could not do anything about it.

One day mart was seeking a meal. There was someone also who was seeking him. He had no clue about it, Mart prey on a sheep and was so happy that now her mother and he will have the meal for today. But when he turned back, a so strong metallic thing hit in his head, He wanted to fight but he was helpless.

But he stood up and jumped upon the man who fired, but slowly he became numb and maybe that was the end of the story and seeking for him. His dead body is now in a laboratory where he will be a trade material and he will be sold by us.

Her mother waited for two days and then she realised, everyone is saying right. Mart had been gone. Gone where everyone will go one day. You see in the era of coronavirus how much we afraid from death, but in the tigers family, they are living the same life from years.

In the 20th century, the tigers were left only 3,478 from 10,0000. It is time for us to take some steps and try to save them as much as we can. Some of the species are already gone. For example, there are no more Caspian tigers. They were the adorable beauty of the Caspian sea areas, Afghanistan, China and in some other parts.

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So the thing is how to save tigers and save the families like mark. Let’s see what we can do :

The first thing is awareness. The areas or people who are living close to jungles has no awareness. Yes, there will be odd cases when they have to kill them in their defence. But tell us how many incidences we have ?? These types of incidences are not so much. But because people living in these areas have no awareness.

Why tigers are so important for our ecosystem. How many tigers are important to us. We have to give them reason and solid reasons so they may stop.

Give them hard punishment –

When a person killed other people, most of the times there is the punishment of death or long jails. Then why not in the case of tigers or animals. Is this is not partiality? If we think we humans are God creation and We are the kings of the society than do not forget we have some responsibilities.

So criminal is criminal whether he or she is killing a person or an animal.

Increase their habitat :

We say ok like in India there are so many people who every year get houses from the govt. Of India. We are glad to hear it. But what about tigers or other animals. They do not need an area to live ?? And wait a minute we are not saying for Zoo thing or circus. We saying like how a human lives in their houses.

Yes, we can understand you have to look after them but give them some space or some areas where they can live and do what they want to do. It will be very kind from the government side.

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More and more campaigns:

Everything in this universe starts from ourself. If we will do nothing, we can not expect others to do something. That is the formula or rule or whatever you wanna say. So, like we do promote our work, why can not we write, or create videos or tik tok or vlog for them. And why just only once a year.

We do and create different content fo so many things right? So can’t we do it for them.

Social Oriented Approach :

We are business-oriented, job oriented, spiritual oriented, sports-oriented. But my Lord when we will become Social oriented. Whenever we do something we do for ourselves which is fair. Then we do for others which is fair. Then we forget our family miles away living in jungles.

The main problem is we have made this thing like a phobia like it is SAVE THE TIGERS. That is why we always react when it’s too late.  The moment this thing will become our second habit, the moment we will understand their importance.

Because Tigers plays an important role in our system How ?? And Why ??

We will discuss that on someday. Till then take care of yourself and your universe.

Thank you for reading.

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