What are the ways to save electricity ?

7 Days challenge To Save Electricity


Hello friends, we all know how electricity is very important for us. It is our resource which is invented by Michael Faraday but in these days we are not using it, instead of using we are wasting it a lot. So, from today for the next seven days, we will learn something through which we can save electricity.

we will start with personal things:

To save electricity

Here are three things which we will do for the next 24 hours


  1. We will not use fans continuously. Just switch off fan or A.C. for two to three hours. We know its summer in India and some part in the world, So the best time can  be from

6:00 Pm – 8:00 pm

2. In the kitchen we use so many electric equipments, so today rest one of them. For example, you can cook your dish on gas, so avoid to use the microwave or other stuff. I know this can be hard, but that is why this is a challenge.

3. Do not use your chargers for your mobiles for so long. Do not use your phone while charging.

Only three things we are saying to do today and you can start your day from anywhere. Just follow these to save electricity and you will see changes.

Give us your ideas and tips also. We will consider them and include them also in our future post.

Save Electricity in the office?

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