What are the rocky planets ??


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? Welcome you all on another blog on getting The Universe. First of all, we are very thankful for you to love and support. Really you guys are Grace of God for us. Today we will look after a very interesting topic rocky planets.

The Rocky planets in the solar system. So without wasting any time, lets we begin.

Rocky planets :

Mercury, venus, earth and mars these four planets are known as Rocky planets or terrestrial planets. Why?

Because they have rocks and metals and they are very close to the sun. Few are the hottest subjects for the researchers every day apart from the earth. They are different from the other gaseous planets in the solar system.

Why earth is different from the other rocky planets ??

Well, when we read about the rocky planets, a normal person can think this. Why we can not live on the other plants because they are also closer to the sun like us. Why only earth has been chosen. Well, every coin has two sides guys, same goes with the sun also.

Yes, solar energy and water are two basics requirement alongside with other things, but the other planets do not have an ozone layer. As far as our studies go, yes other things are also different here like we have

Crust, mantle and the core and the water, soil, rocks, metals have awesome scientific combination but still, The Ultraviolet rays from the sun can disturb us in minutes but we have an Ozone layer. The ozone layer is protecting us from the years. Making all lives on earth very smooth and easy.

So, its mean there is no life on the other three planets ??.

Hmm, it’s a good question. We are not experts and even we know somethings and equations. But we don’t wanna put here in you know complicated fashion.

So let we give you some reasons in a simple way,

Well as far as mercury is a concern, forget about it not a chance. The reason is very simple. It’s one side has sun, light everything but the other side is totally blanked out. One side is like you can burn any solid and on the other side, it’s totally opposite. Can freeze anything. That is why even scientists have less interest and they don’t talk much about the planet mercury.

The venus was the subject to talk about a few years ago, but not much now. Well, because venus and earth have similar masses and shapes and sizes almost neighbour to each other. But it does not mean life may possible on venus. Because venus is very hit. A spacecraft can melt in some seconds. A lead can melt in some seconds. Imagine how much venus is hot.

Then comes mars, apart from earth the most talkable planet. Life on Mars is possible ?? Well yes,  even there are so many things mara has like earth or some says better.  Have you heard about Mount Everest ?? Yes …

The mars have the same peak same but three times bigger than Mount Everest.  There is ice and scientists says that millions or billions years ago the mars had habitat. Who were living ?? Martians or aliens. No one really knows. But it can be possible. Our body is made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. These are the most important aspects of the formation of humans. We mean if you go in a chemical way.

A few years ago the researches of this Rocky planet has found the formation of methane.


If we will try to live on any planet as we live on earth. It will not be possible really. There will be some difference or maybe a lot. But if any planet is closer to habitat that is marred. Its position is fair, orbit system is good.

So these are the rocky planets and the life on them. These are endless topics but we hope you liked it.

Thank you have a good day.

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