What are the myths about this Unicorn ?

The stories of Unicorns

Introduction :

As belongs to the middle-class family in India our toys were different at our childhood. But there was one toy which we all were thinking about. Actually, at that time, this mythical animal was real, only in our dreams. Then when we become young

We saw despicable me and saw Agnus playing with her toy and It was Unicorn. So, today on this website let us find out what is this unicorn thing is all about. Why it is so famous and Is it is really lovely as it has been showing up in Hollywood movies.

Who is Unicorn ??

It is an animal like a horse having a horn on his head. A single horn. Unicorn is real or a myth we will get it slowly but it is a very popular animal of stories in the world. India, China, USA., Siberia region. The unicorn loves children and it has powers also.

But according to the many stories, the power is in the horn and in tails. He uses his power for peace, humanity, for good things and purity.

Where do Unicorn live ??

Some say you can not find unicorn easily or these generations never. Only the pure souls of the heart can meet them. There are some places where you can found animals like Unicorn. Narwhal is one of the species. Many say Unicorns cover themselves in jungles and they live somewhere where no one can reach.

Unicorn and Scotland

Scots proudly says about Unicorn. They have strongly believed in the subject of Unicorn. In the late 16 century or in ancient times, according to them, Unicorn fought for their people. A unicorn always fights for the justice they say. He can defeat anyone but at the same time, he loves peace.

Scottish people are somehow the same as this. They are sweet but can kill themselves for their country. In the year of 1300, King Robert declared Unicorn as Scotland’s national animal.

What Unicorn eat ??

This animal eats grass green grass. Unicorn never depends upon water. He eats grass but yeah if there is water no problem can but mostly grass in the day time.

So are they real?

Well after so much study on this topic, We tried to go deeper and deeper. So, what we have. If you search online they say ” mythological animal” and on the other side, there are so many reasons and stories that tell us that yes there are some incidences.

Like in the bible there are no. Of verses where you will see these animals signs. When we researched there were eight to nine verses in google. But according to us 3-4 verses were really talks about this animal. Because the subject will flip off so we don’t want to write here.

But you can check it out on web.you will find it.

Scotland on the other side is a country full. of myths, dark secrets, dark valleys and so much mysticness.  Really even Scottish writers are so different in their art.

Some scientists said that unicorn was on earth like dinosaurs but 30,000 years ago they died. Now they are in the stories these days.


According to us, they were on earth no doubt about that because there are so many symbols and that’s why for one country they are their national animal. No nation will make a national symbol on the basis of illusion. But

These days We think they do not exist only exist are the myths about them and a country which is Scotland.

We have to go there… Ahha anyway

It is enough for today. See you soon and take care of yourself and your family.


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