What are some features of second largest planet ?


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? We pray for your success and health. Enjoy this fantastic day and thank you for visiting on our website. Today the second-largest planet of the solar system is saying something. Let’s see what he wanna say

Hello I am Saturn

I am from the solar system and The second largest planet of it. I have many rings. No one really knows about my rings exactly. So, it’s interesting that humans still are not so intelligent. But anyway my rings are most solids than the other planets.

You wanna shift yourself here ??

So if a human wants to land himself on me. It is not as easy as you think. It’s not my problem. It’s just I am who I am. Life still is far than your vision. Ok let me give you some reasons

Only 4 space crafts landed on my surface so far.

Still human has not enough knowledge about me

They were confused about my rings and moons. Haha. It was fun.

They don’t clear about whether I am best for living or my two rings.

Enceladus and Titan

So as far as Life is a concern there are miles away.

Now I will tell you some interesting facts about Saturn the second largest planet.
  1. I rotate from west to east just like your planet earth.
  2. You can see me with naked eyes. I am one of those planets. Yes to see my moons or rings, you have to use a telescope.
  3. The winds at my surface are 1800km/h. Nine times your earth and faster than the other planets too expect Jupiter
  4. I am the most attractive planet in the solar systems because of my rings.
  5. People say there may be a possibility that aliens live at one of my moons. I can’t say much about it, it’s personal.
  6. I am also known as a gaseous planet because of 96%  of hydrogen and just 4% of helium. Nut still I have some mountains and methane rivers also.

Ok, it is enough for you. Live happy on your planet.

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