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How to save electricity in gym ?

We can save the universe

Hello friends

and how are you doing mates? Well, today we are in the Day – 4 of this Electricity week challenge and I know you are reading all the stuff carefully, well if someone is not then we can’t please everyone in this universe I guess. So what we have today?

Have you seen a guy and a girl talking a lot on the treadmill in the gym and just standing there for an hour and an hour. They are going to the gym for their health right and we can understand for some time it may be important but always?

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What John boyd dunlop produced at the age of 48 ?

The product which changes the world :

Introduction :

hello, friends how are you. Keep moving on. Like a wheel. Because life is also like a wheel. And our today’s story is also about the wheel.kind of thing. Today we will see

When he officially produced tire or tyre ??

So this incident happened in the year of 1888. Actually, the early experiment was in the year of 1840s but it was costly,

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Amitabh bachchan at the age 30 ?

Amitabh Bachchan at the age of 30

we saw how at the age of 17, Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world, He hit it, From that day till this date, he is doing just magic at the planet. If you missed that post, check it out on our blog

Hello friends, How are you doing, We pray to God for your health and, desires, We hope in this face of our life, everyone is at home, Taking care of their health and their family too. We will win one day for sure like these legends.

So, What we have today ??

We have a story for the people who somehow through themselves or through others think that age plays a huge factor in success, After 30 years old, you can’t be successful, you can’t achieve what you want, your energy will be finished, you will have problems, your family will not like you etc etc. Seriously??

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