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She Was Perfect

You was better than me

Smile was better as your Hold

Talk was better me as your silence

Eyes were better as your lips

Hairs were better as your eyebrows

But your

Move on was


Do not come back

Practicing it, practicing it through my heart, through my soul, through my spirit,

Failing in every attempt

Your was Perfect.

I hate it

Days and night

Losing out minute by minute

In this fight,

Between heart and mind

Your thoughts, your presence,

From there I am failing to escape


Your escape from my arms was better

Don’t know how??

But your

Moving on

Was So


Picture is coming

Like a small child

I need someone to push me,

When I get tired

I need someone to hug me to kiss me

Like a bird who forget who forget his nest,

Every day is a test

And Seeker Is Seeking

Only Escaping

Not you,

Your seeking yourself was better


Your Move on was

So Perfect

Picture is coming