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Self Love-Love Yourself Quotes

Top Self-love Quotes :

Loving yourself is important because if you cannot love yourself, you cannot suppose to love someone else.

अगर आप खुद से प्यार नहीं कर सकते तो किसी और से करना बहुत दूर की बात है.

He remembered who he was and the Game changed.

उसे याद रहा वो वो कौन था,

और सब बदल गया

Sometimes you have to know how worthy you are.

कुछ समय आपको ये जान ना होता है की आप कितने लायक़ हो

Just escape from the room,

Then they will realise your important of absence.

Love yourself, and they will love you to

खुद से प्यार करो, और वो तुमसे प्यार करेंगे


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Upgrade Yourself-top quotes on upgradation

Top Quotes On Upgrade Yourself

  • Upgrading yourself means : you are doing something which others are not doing.

Upgrade Yourself

  • You should know : Books are the best tool to upgrade yourself

Books are the best friends

  • To do anything which is new it will take time for sure, Tea making is a process only sounds very easy at starting of it.

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Move forward

  • Clock is moving forward, So in which direction you are moving.

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Dark Outside

Top quotes on Darkness with amazing Captions :

Yeah its dark outside

They bark outside

But it was your choice to chase your GOALS, So in between your path tou can’t change your Roles.


Walk slowly and aim at your prey

In hurry, you will miss all

Whether its white-black or grey

Do Not Quit

Break Up Means Patchup

Breakups sometimes patches you up with your GOALS.

Beware of lustful touches

Beware of Lust

One day it will remove your ambitions like a DUST

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Sick Boy