Save birds from mobile phone danger but how ?


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? We pray for your success and your health. Prayers have an impact on our lives. Sometimes they do miracles doesn’t matter someone agrees or deny.

Today on Get the universe we will look after how we can save our birds from the mobile phone danger.

Normally we think nature is disturbing. We are in mobile phone danger. When we say we, most of us only think only humans are in danger. It is our habit we only realise when our community feel danger or when something happens to us. But there is another side also.

From the decades we are also creating virus which is not affecting us too much but yeah to the other creatures yes. But because its harmfulness is not affecting us, we think everything is all right.

Cell phones or mobile phones made up for our easiness and they made our life smoother. We developed them and yes now they are an integral part of our life. How much we feel pain when our cell phone gets damaged. For some people, they are important than humans. But with cell phones, we are destroying very beautiful creatures of this world – birds.

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Daily year birds have been killed by the electromagnetic waves. In India ratio is very dangerous. Many birds do not wanna live here. Is it necessary to kill something to develop ourself? What we really wanna do ?? Are we wanna see only humans on earth ??  Read some articles what dinosaurs did and what happened to them. Even some studies are saying we are dangerous than dinosaurs.  So,

how can we save birds from this mobile danger ?? Let us check it out

Do not overuse cell phones

It is a hard thing to do for a human. We want perfection. Neighbours can die in front of our eyes but we will not help them. We want to do the best. In this process of perfection, if we want to destroy anything, we will do. That is what this era thinks. But this is really funny if you think you are so skilful than why you have to kill someone or destroy someone ??

People are using cellphones a lot. But they are overusing them. These cell phones are killing birds. So, we should try to really think like humans and stop overusing cell phones. If we will not stop this than nature will do something. And it will hurt us.

Positioning of Towers

Towers should be at distance. What we can do is decrease our greed for internet and do not put two towers inside one k.m. yes it has been written law but not following by everyone. We have to follow it more strictly.

Out of Comfort zone

When we do some survey what we find that people were saying they wanna do this on cell phones and that on cell phones. This is their need bla bla. And the things which they were explaining can be done by them manually.

For eg.- you can ask your mother in home how to cook rice instead of searching on youtube. But for it, you have to eliminate your ego. Why ?? Because we do not like to learn face to face. Maybe we have fear of reality check.

So we should try to live out of comfort zone for someone comfort. 3 hours of not touch your cell phone can save a bird’s life.

Companies roles

For thirty days there was no alcohol and many people survived. They did the workout. They kept patience. In the end, they survived. Now mobile companies wanna earn. We have a question for you here without any fear.

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How much you wanna earn ??

Are only humans are important for you? Do you only want to provide service to human ??

Only humans are in your society ??

Cant, you do something for animals or birds or for nature ??

If the answer is no then ok keep selling and keep hurting but no act like you are so spiritual and stop act like you have so much care for society.

If you really care then stop manufacturing too much. Too much hurts always. That’s why when you go near to animal, they wanna attack. It was not before.

Before they were friendly and now you have to make them friendly. Why ?? Because bond has been destroyed by us.

These were something which is important according to us. In the


It needs the complete effort of mental and physical work to save our nature.

Save the birds from mobile phone danger

Save nature

Thank you for reading.


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