What a seventeen years old girl can do ?


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Today’s thought: If you are willing to do something, Your close ones will betray with you first.

From the age of seventeen till now, she faced so many things in life, In the last three posts, We had such personalities which are legends. but today we will talk about a personality about whom people have a lot of theories, for someone she is just a normal player

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Amitabh bachchan at the age 30 ?

Amitabh Bachchan at the age of 30

we saw how at the age of 17, Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world, He hit it, From that day till this date, he is doing just magic at the planet. If you missed that post, check it out on our blog

Hello friends, How are you doing, We pray to God for your health and, desires, We hope in this face of our life, everyone is at home, Taking care of their health and their family too. We will win one day for sure like these legends.

So, What we have today ??

We have a story for the people who somehow through themselves or through others think that age plays a huge factor in success, After 30 years old, you can’t be successful, you can’t achieve what you want, your energy will be finished, you will have problems, your family will not like you etc etc. Seriously??

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When Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first goal ?

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The last post we saw how much our decisions can turn around our life and what is the myth about the 18-24 years old enjoy enjoying phrase. ent in history in the year 1995 and we saw

What Ellon musk was doing at that time …

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What Elon Musk did at the age of 24 ?

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Today we will discuss for millions Elon musk crucial part of his life, it is fact that we read so many stories very biographies, but we always think, I  am right track or not ??

I  am going in the right direction or not?? We all are in a hurry we want to go there and achieve it right now. but is this thing make sense??

For me out of 100% 95% not. because things take time.so let us go inside in the life of this bold, crazy, and genius personality life when he was just 24 years old and see what he was doing then.

What Elon Musk did when he was 24 years old?

Ellon musk and Kimbel Musk
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1995 was a year of internet progression, the Internet was taking small baby steps like a little sparrow. A sparrow who was learning to fly in the new world. A newborn baby sparrow,  we can say.

The first time the World Wide Web launched in this year. So many browsers have been given so many first time. It was 1995 and this south African guy living in Australia at that time started a PhD in energy physics/materials science at university in California.

From the beginning, he was a very good reader, read a lot of books, if you will follow the full career he somehow has this thing to solve the problems which is coming or which will come after 10 years.

His vision is broader than anyone without any doubt.he at that time had an eagerness to do something in the internet sector.

But after some time he dropped his degree to launch his first company. he launched his first company when he was 24 years old. Its name was Zip2 corporations.

Zip 2
Source:  Logodix
What was Zip2?

He started this cooperation with his brother Kimbal Musk, a software company. It was designed totally on the web concept, the money was a big issue. Seriously it is very easy to say sometimes for the rich ones money is not a tough thing. but behind the scenes story is different that is what this site or blog is all about.

At that time sir Ellon musk was just Ellon.so Ellon got help from angel investors. I don’t know who knows about it or not but angel investors.they provide startups for the business. the company provided and licensed online city guide software to newspapers.lately it purchased by

Compaq Presario.

At that time I was not aware of its origins. this crazy businessman or scientist has so many links to this world he is everywhere still no one knows about it.

So guy what can we get from it?

At the age of 24, musk had startup there are so many things we can learn from it

Some are down here

Many times I hear this from 18-24 or 26 is the best time to enjoy.it Is the best time for having fun, girlfriends, cars bikes or night out.

Yes, it is responsibilities are not on our shoulders most of the times. but at the same time, we should also consider our future. Maybe we should try something some startups or study or upgrade our skills. see Elon musk did that time because he read a lot before the preparation was going on since his childhood.

He was a bookworm so we should alongside with fun also keep one thing in mind next 6 or 7 years will define our future life. seriously these things look better and we will handle them better after 24 or when we have a career.

Musk childhood memories are not very pleasant. there were many weird moments. he had once fight with 8 strong muscular guys and guys pushed him into the stairs.he was hospitalized.he had no friends.there were an issue between father and mother also between him and father. but I don’t know how he managed to discover a videogame and let me tell you something my brothers, it was not an ordinary one its worth was 500 USD if I am not wrong. but still, he felt alone but until he did not found books.


Comfort zone is just an Illusion








Books were his best friends. he read books and books actually he eats books that period helped him in later years and the knowledge is helping us too. electric cars, PayPal, a lot of business principles.so thing reading is very important it has some benefits we will talk deeply about it later but right now

Read Read Read

He went into the university for a degree but he dropped it for the startup.and in the history it has been written.it was the first business startup of sir Ellon musk. but wait I am not now saying the study is not important or leave your degree if there is some business opportunity.no .calculative risk planned risk is a most important thing as compared to just risk.but in life you have to take some hard calls for yourself it may be anything especially if you want to do something big in your life.it is easy hard to do

But man

What is fun in the comfort zone?

So, in the end, it is great learning to follow Sir Elon Musk career, Really what he is doing is incredible, he is like an artist, like a poet who is writing his script by observing this world for this world.

I hope you will read this article and next time we will talk about another personality and will go back into the time machine.

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