How we can save electricity in the bathroom ?

Tips to save electricity in the bathroom

Hello friends and how are you doing? Today we are on the 6th day of the Save Electricity challenge. So, we have to go towards washroom/bathroom now. Well, don’t get us wrong. It’s mean we have to do three things daily to save electricity in the bathroom.


What can be these three things to save electricity in the bathroom?

Save electricity
Save electricity

Well while you are reading these lines, it seems like normal things. If they are so simple why we are not happening.

When in an interview Sanjay Manjrekar a formal Indian Cricket Player and Nowadays commentator asked

Pakistan former player and ex-captain Ramiz Raza about the decline of Pakistan cricket.

Ramiz sir replied – maybe we were taking things for granted. We had bowlers and the new one was coming. Our batting was never winning matches for us. So our focus was not on the domestic cricket and hence this happened. But now thank you to PSL(Pakistan super league) things are going better.

Same goes with us, isn’t it? We are taking these things for granted. It’s not like we do not know what to do and what to not? the thing is because of casualty we rarely care.

The cricket will give you a second chance and it is a sport.

on the other side saving our natural resources in bathroom kitchen is important. Because it connects to our life. It connects to our nature. And if we will not care.

We will have to see some dark future for the next generation. They will have to spend a lot to buy these natural resources Why ??

Because it will be not natural anymore.

So please save electricity in the bathroom also. We have seen geysers from 5: 00 Am to 12:00 pm continue running and no one is turning it off.

Bulbs are there lightening the empty space when no one is outside. That is dangerous very dangerous.

Thank you

Keep yourself healthy and this universe as well.


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