How to save water – three simple ways


Hello friends and how are you doing? I hope how are you doing well ??  Today we are on the fifth day of Save Water topic for this week. So today we will save water from by three simple ways. How? Check it out :

So there are three ways which we should not do while using water.

Tips to save water

  1. Do not overflow your house water tanks
  2. Save water while filling your water bottles.
  3. Do not overflow water while washing clothes.

These are three simple ways. Now let us go deep in these points

firstly stand close to your water tank while water is going into it. There are a lot of times when you think it will take some time so let me make a call. Then that call goes for an hour and the rest will be history. Your wife or mother will hit you with something. And it is right so. Why?

You are wasting water. Do not waste it.

Filling up water bottles does not take much time but you are always in a hurry. Do not know why ?? You turn on the tap so fast and rapidly because the bottle is a small half bottle in your water and half on the floor. What?

You don’t give a damn ?? You have to. Water is not a joke. So stop this stupid thing.

Last for today but not least important. Dear ladies how much buckets you need while washing clothes ?? And why dear women you throw the water. Just search on google, everything in this universe has value. Same goes for your washing water. Use it somewhere do not throw.


Yeah please do not always keep your tap running. When the bucket is full, turn off the tap. It will help nature a lot.

So these are three were three simple ways through which we can do something for our Water. Nature is important. Not just for us but for everyone.

Save the Nature

Save the water.

Thank you for reading.


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