How to save water in washroom ?


Hello friends and how are you doing? I hope everyone is doing good in their life. Water is something we are focusing on this week on our website. 70% inside us is water. Still, we are not taking care of it. The second day is here on Getting the universe.

When we started this campaign thing, our team was thinking to seek something different but there is nothing special. We all have to do simple things with consistency. So

what three things we can do today and every day to save water washroom.

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Do not shower daily

While bathing with shower waste so much of water. It is double or triple time of water that you need to bath. Yes, we can understand the shower has its own advantages(btw meditation is better than a cold shower). So just we can try to use it at an adequate level. So use buckets to bath at least 3  days in a week.

Turn off the tap at a time

When you are filling up buckets, please do not be so much busy with yourself. Do not overflow or flood your bucket. Fill the bucket and then turn off the tap.

The washbasin thing

What we researched most of the time, water waste at washbasin a lot. While brushing our teeth, there is a flow  coming from the tap and is wasting. Even water can slap you in the face by asking. Why I am here ?? Cobra never wastes his venom unless he sees a threat in someone. So why we are ?? 

Is water is a common thing ?? Or we are so busy in our chill factor that we are taking it so much granted.  Please nothing take as a  granted in life.

That is it for today. Please comment and share your ideas and thoughts. Give us new topics to write on. We will try to give our 100%.

Thank you

Save Universe, Save water.

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