How to save water in kitchen ?

Seven days challenge – Save water

Hello friends and welcome you all in Get the Universe. The first challenge has been completed and it was fun and relaxation. When you do something un-conditionally in life, the feel is like something you can’t explain. So from today as you have already read the title, we are going to see how we can save water. We will go from personal to professional, try to touch every single aspect. So today lets see :

How to save water in the kitchen?

In the kitchen, we use water a lot. A kitchen needs water, isn’t it? For cooking, cleaning dishes, drinking water. Everything is there and there surrounds around the water. But again if we want to use it for the future then we have to save it also. Now people always argue who can see the future, but it is a foolish and unrealistic state of mind. You can’t eat all the food because you tomorrow is uncertain.

Yes live in present but never plan about the future is something as a company or website we never support. Living in future and thinking for the future is different.

Save Water
Save water in the kitchen

Here are three basic things through which we can save water in the kitchen :

Do not throw water after cooking – 

Use cooking water at somewhere you can use in the garden or you can use it as a soap or detergent too. Try to make the most use of it.

Use tap water wisely

Here the most water is being wasted by us. We overflow glass of water, pans everything. Do not waste tap water. Use one tap at a time. Slow down your process. By this, you will not waste too much water.

Go for steam instead of boil it

Many people don’t know but steam food is much healthier and full of nutrients than boil. Even you wanna boil you don’t want to change for something so boil it wisely, do not sit on the couch and forget what is on the gas.

But the thing is we can change for conditional love but how hard it is to change ourself for the unconditional love. Maybe we have a habit to believe what we see I guess. Over a logical approach. Anyway, these are the few things which we can do to save water in the kitchen.

Thank you for reading

Be healthy, keep universe clean.

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