How to save river water ?


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? Today we are going to see how we can save water in the rivers. Rivers are one of the natural resource of water and these days rivers are dying. There are so many projects going on for the rivers. But we need to do as much as we can. We have to understand the importance of river water.

Today on the third day of Seven-day challenge- Save water. Let us see how we can save the river water in three different ways.

Do not throw your wastage in rivers.

The first thing is we should stop doing this. We seriously need to. Because we have so many resources to through our dust and wastage or trash. Still why we are throwing in small ponds and small rivers. You know in the end everything gets together and meet in rivers. So please do not throw.


It is another thing we can do. We promote everything. Many influencers are there on Instagram and Facebook preaching so many of things. Then why not on nature. Awareness is an important part. If we will aware people about the cleanliness in the river, they will respond well. The more we will do the more will benefit us. No one social media, we need to do in villages, in cities. Our urge is for celebrities to do this more. Making movies or short films can also help.

Love for nature

Without connection nothing is possible. If we will not connect to the river by heart, we can’t do it continuously. How this bonding will increase ?? Well the more we will read, the better results we will have. Because by knowing the rivers and their beauty, we will understand them. Then they will be part of our family.

So these three things may help to save river water according to us. Make sure to give your feedback. Every single person is important. Very soon we will catch you with some new topic. Till then

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