How to save electricity in the kitchen ?

7 Days Challenge  – Electricity week

Hello friends and Buenos. I know everyone is fine in his grace. Today is the second day of the week and we are saving electricity. So, today our target is the kitchen. Yes.

We have noticed this, in the kitchen, we consume a lot of electricity without any proper reasons. We are doing all damn wrong and a very bad thing. It is harmful and a threat to ourselves.  So what we will do today, We will –

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Save electricity


I can understand it can be harder for you to make toast on gas instead of a toaster, you will like to cook coffee on electrical induction, for your noodles, there will be another electrical equipment but hold on a second and listen to us

Are you want to use them for once or for longtime? We will not save them, because this is rubbish thinking and Who has seen the future?

Yes, no one has but just think one per cent, if your future generation needs electricity and they need badly what you will give them?

Ideas, theories and ??

There are a lot of things which depends upon electricity in this world, from business houses to your houses, from five-star hotels to your kitchen, from the factories to the cricket field, you know electricity makes us divine.

So that is why again we are saying today we will save electricity for us and our future and how ??  We will save in the kitchen by following these steps :

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Save electricity


We know we are repeating the same photo but we will continue repeat it untill our mission will not complete. And if we can repeat our mistakes, we we can repeat our bad habits, then why we can not repeat these things. 

Thank you once again for your support and have a nice time. Be safe and Stay at home.

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