How to save electricity in gym ?

We can save the universe

Hello friends

and how are you doing mates? Well, today we are in the Day – 4 of this Electricity week challenge and I know you are reading all the stuff carefully, well if someone is not then we can’t please everyone in this universe I guess. So what we have today?

Have you seen a guy and a girl talking a lot on the treadmill in the gym and just standing there for an hour and an hour. They are going to the gym for their health right and we can understand for some time it may be important but always?

Well, we do not have a problem in how they are doing and why they are doing because that is their business to be fair and let them decide what they really wanna do but the problem is on the other side of the story,

We are wasting so much electricity in the gym and we are doing nothing for it, obviously, someone can argue that without it the gym is not possible but we do not agree. There is a lot of stuff which you can do better than your electrical equipment

So if we do say slogans to save electricity un gym or offices or bedroom then why not here?

That is tough then brother here comes the real challenge, how we can save electricity in the areas where we need it. Actually, some are myths which we follow a lot and we do not want to see a larger picture. So, here are three simple things which we can do there

Save electricity
Save electricity

There can be a lot of other things but we are just showing up these three things because we won’t just drag your mind towards this topic instead of guiding someone. You all  have sense and wisdom and

You all care about society, Aren’t you?

Have a nice time.


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