How our beautiful smartphones are effecting our nature ?

The effects of smartphones on our nature

Hello friends. It is  Get the universe blog and you will today read, how our beautiful little friends are effecting our nature. These are new friends or even in some cases, they can be brother and sisters or anything. We have to use then and they are our tools and important tools. Everything these days depends upon them and they are important.

Yes, you are right our beautiful smartphones are effecting our nature. Let we clear you all we are not against them. To be honest, we are also writing this script on mobile, but still, there are some points which we have to look after. That’s what we will do today. So let us begin :


The bad effects of smartphones on nature :

When cellphones arrived they were here to solve our many problems and they solved, in a big way they did. And then digital marketing arrived and everything is now on mobiles. Now it is not just for calling, we do everything on mobiles.

Please save the nature

Do you know  that

  • The smartphones contain so many ranges and waves which are harmful to us and well as nature, many humans are getting various brain diseases especially its effects on our IQ system that results in us in these days are more do copy paste then creativity. So nature needs creative persons which in this era is not possible. We are not saying the stats will tell you when you will search.
  • Our mobile phones contain so many substances which are made of materials like lead or steel or glass etc. When we throw our mobile, they use mobiles for recycling but its waste is throwing into the rivers which cause water pollution.
  • The lead is very harmful to us so when the companies burn mobiles materials the lead mix up in the air and pollute the air. Firstly its causes were not considered by us a lot but now smartphones are the cause of concern.
  • There are so many beautiful plants get sick or dead by the cell phones radiations. There are several cases in cities like Delhi, Bombay or even in small cities. Well if we will not look after it our small beautiful plants will die soon.
  • The most dangerous point is here, electromagnet waves are not good for the animals. Animals behave badly with them and the neuro system and the animals reached in the mental condition, then they have no choice to surrender then selves and leave their beautiful lives. They can not speak.
Trees. Are important
Trees are important









We, you can share our problems but they will never say and everyone does not understand the universal language so please guys, think about it.

Well, we are not saying do not use mobiles you know or mobiles are bad, we are just saying like smartphones animals are also a part of your family. So try to save them or do something for them,

What we can do for them

Well, we will share in our next post, till then take care and Be safe and try to be a  good human.

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