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How a 20 years old guy inspired the world ?

Today’s thoughts: If you willing to live, You will live

Sandeep singh with Indian Coach
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The courage of a young  Indian It was the year 2006. Kalka Shatabdi express was running smoothly. There was a rush, people were gossipping and young Sikh boy was listening but not listening. He was just 20 years old. He just debuts for Indian Hockey Team, two years ago in 2004. Now guess what he was going to the camp to join the National Hockey Team. In two days they were going to Africa to play Men’s Hockey World Cup. He was listening to the people and because next year was the year of Two cricket world cup, People were more curious about that then their National Game.

Well, meanwhile he closed his eyes, A gunshot accidentally by a person in the train hit in the back of Sandeep Singh. Everyone got stunned. He somehow called his brother. And the dream was over. He was seriously injured. He spends one year on a wheelchair and he declared paralyzed by the doctors. His family was in real shock. It was the biggest heart blow for the Nation in that year.

But he came back even better, In just 4 years. Yes in just 4 years, he was playing for the Indian world cup in the year of 2010.

Tough situations








Because for him the dream was not over

Lesson from this story

There are a lot of things from this story we can learn. Imagine at the age of 20  years, if we have a fever how bad we feel. We got an accident on bike or car, we injured ourselves, Doctor says you need bed rest for 4 weeks,4 months-one years but you will be fine,

How will be our condition if a doctor would say you can’t walk for 6 years, you can’t eat properly and especially you can’t do for what you are living your life.

Self believes:  Doctor said Sandeep Singh You can’t play hockey anymore. But he was determined. He fought with himself First, then with the people. He had self believe at that age.

Courage to challenge life: Life gave him a challenge and he faced it like a warrior, He did not afraid. The beginning was tough but he stood still like a rock in the water.

Love to his Game: We have seen these legends journey. One thing is very common in all. The love towards their game. They do not play or follow their passion just for the sake of money. The unconditional love which they have is something we should adopt. We often carry away with lust, fame, glamour and forget why we are doing something. But they do not.

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