How the 27 years old guy Kevin Systrom became the CEO of Instagram ?

The Story of  Co-founder /CEO Instagram

Introduction :

Hello friends. How are you? I hope you all are doing well. When I saw a video of a guy on Instagram, he said I will become CEO. Good luck to him. May God bless him. I searched then so many CEO. And then I God send me where I wanted. A young CEO. A guy from Holliston Massachusetts USA is the CEO of Instagram. His town has a population of nearly 15,000 people. You want to know who is this guy Right ?? And we will tell you How he became the Instagram CEO. He was just 27 years old at that time when he launched the company with his partner.

Who is this guy ??

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KEVIN SYSTROMremembers the name. He invented Instagram at the age of 2010. He launched Instagram with his co-partner in the year of 2010. From a young age, he was a sharp student. He belongs to a well-educated family. The first time he was in the eyes of the big world, the digital world was at Stanford University where he was selected with other eleven candidates. KEVIN SYSTROM an intern for a company Odeo which produced twitter. It was a big achievement for him.

From there Kevin Systrom never saw back, He decided he will continue his learning process and then came another milestone.

A star was in making: He worked for google after his graduations. Then he worked as a product marketer for things which we use a lot like google docs, spreadsheets, email, etc. He left the company after two years.

The seeker who seeks something big does not care about names and fame and money. They have believed that one day this all things will come towards them. For it, they have to move forward.

So, Our CEO did the same thing. But was the next thing? Well, the next thing became his career turning point then. and it was a vacation with his girlfriend.

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From a vacation to Instagram :

Well if you left something then do not leave unprepared, Planning is important in life.  With his colleagues of google, who also were google ex employes made a Nextstop type of thing whose work was to recommend locations. He worked with them. He created a prototype(read full in google) which later become the key to success.

Well, he was in the location with her girlfriend in Mexico. They were chilling and when her girlfriend clicked a photo, She was not satisfied. She had I phone 4. Well, you know how much girls love their photos. But there was a problem. The minds who have willing to something big will always seek solutions, Not problems. Same thing Kevin did.

Study on filters :

He studied that the filters are not there in pictures ?? So he developed, x pro 2 filters.

Skills are everything :

Skills are key in life. Attractive things, the things which you copy may work for you for some time but not for always. Kevin Systrom again quit his next stop company and use a prototype which he developed and has funds from the company which he left.

He with his colleague and now CTO of Instagram and co-founder Mike Krieger worked on the whole subjects. They gave customers to check-in services and post pictures services also. They were giving some points also there.

What was important for them Everything or A single thing

Well, they did not want to complicate the solution. So they focus on the pictures. They wanted to work on a single thing. Because we don’t have to do everything in life just we have to do one thing at a time. And they add features of sharing, social chats and a guy from a of USA is now


There are 800 billion users of Instagram these days. This company is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Kevin Systrom entered in the Forbes list after some years.

So this was the story of the young fellow who is the CEO of the so many hearts because I think In this lockdown, from the celebrities to the common man, Instagram is their prime thing for time pass.


No Ego, Keep learning

First lesson








We met some of the digital marketers and they hate to google. They hate to work for it. They want to work independently. That is fine. But the two years of Kevin for him in Google were the most learning years of this life.

If you want to do something big then you all have to know how to respect your stream and then how to respect them who is the king of your market. They are on top and there is a reason behind it. They will not tell you but, you have to observe it.

Grab the opportunities you have :

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How many opportunities he had in life. Not much, but he grabs everything which was right for him. So do not waste your time, in our era the opportunities foe we will be limited thanx to the competition. So if you have any effective opportunity then work on it like Elon Musk

Seek solution even things are small:

Lesson 3








We often try to ignore some small problems. Ignore them is a good idea, but if you do not work for them or do not observe them later, They can be big for you in future. Kevin just for the solution of some photos use his mind and now solving the problems of 800 billion people. Your problem is not just your problem. Always remember it.

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