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How a 20 years old guy inspired the world ?

Today’s thoughts: If you willing to live, You will live

Sandeep singh with Indian Coach






The courage of a young  Indian It was the year 2006. Kalka Shatabdi express was running smoothly. There was a rush, people were gossipping and young Sikh boy was listening but not listening. He was just 20 years old. He just debuts for Indian Hockey Team, two years ago in 2004. Now guess what he was going to the camp to join the National Hockey Team. In two days they were going to Africa to play Men’s Hockey World Cup. He was listening to the people and because next year was the year of Two cricket world cup, People were more curious about that then their National Game.

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Which world record Anil Kumble made at the age of 29 years ?

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Anil Kumble World record in test cricket

Hello friends. How are you? We hope you are doing well. We are very thankful to you for showing so much love and support for this site. Well today, we will talk about how this Indian legend made the World Record. Yes, again I am saying world record in the age of 29 years old. Many times because he is not a guy who comes upon television on so much. I think I don’t know whether this generation knows him much or not. He is a class act. He is a student of the game. A great student. The thing which happened to him was shameful but still, he is working like a Vigilante. He was a leader. He is an Icon. A legendary bowler ever played this game of cricket. He deserves more what we gave him. Yes we are talking about Sir Anil Kumble

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What a seventeen years old girl can do ?


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Today’s thought: If you are willing to do something, Your close ones will betray with you first.

From the age of seventeen till now, she faced so many things in life, In the last three posts, We had such personalities which are legends. but today we will talk about a personality about whom people have a lot of theories, for someone she is just a normal player

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Amitabh bachchan at the age 30 ?

Amitabh Bachchan at the age of 30

we saw how at the age of 17, Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world, He hit it, From that day till this date, he is doing just magic at the planet. If you missed that post, check it out on our blog

Hello friends, How are you doing, We pray to God for your health and, desires, We hope in this face of our life, everyone is at home, Taking care of their health and their family too. We will win one day for sure like these legends.

So, What we have today ??

We have a story for the people who somehow through themselves or through others think that age plays a huge factor in success, After 30 years old, you can’t be successful, you can’t achieve what you want, your energy will be finished, you will have problems, your family will not like you etc etc. Seriously??

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