About Us

As they say nothing is possible without efforts and if efforts come from two sides it stuns things. this site has two heroes with different personalities, but their moto or goal is to serve the site.yes its the only goal they have.they are professionals.they are from the same part of the country but very different in their lifestyle.

One is typical upper Himachal  Pradesh guy living right now in the capital city of India New Delhi other lives everywhere but right now he is in Himachal Pradesh 

One love to be a programmer, technician, hunger to learn the technical aspects, other guy loves to create things, write things, observe things, research things.


They love peace

They love their life

Ambitious personalities

Both met in their college, did their degree, from their journey began. Now they are working on the same projects. It is one of them.

As mentioned on our homepage. This site is more about giving you inspirational stories to you in a unique way, keep supporting and we will keep our hard work.

God bless you all











Sales and Marketing Expert

Cricket lover

Likes to read a lot

Personal views: Humanity is the only spirituality

Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar

S.E.O. Executive

Cricket lover

Virender Sehwag Fan

Peaceful guy

Silent sniper

Optimistic, ambitious

Personal Views:    Change Yourself First Then Try To Change Others.