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Seeker’s Welcome you:

Welcome dears in my Home 

Praise The  Lord

On this blog or websote, you will get amazing an wonderful quotes, poetries, pictures for your loved ones. But before you are here to explore 

Let we know each other :

I am Loveneet or Seeker Loveneet

A writer,blogger,business person. I am writing from the day I was just 10 years old yeah it can sound like I am fooling you, It can be sound like a movie dialogue by a famous actor but it is true. For more visit in our menu section and click on “AboutUs or click on below link.


Even just from here you can go into my favourite category of any blog which is poetry by clicking on below link


Motivational Song.



My main articles or quotes or poetry sections basically are :

  1. Inspirational
  2. Relationships
  3. Society Evils 

Well, everyone get some ideas from others or seek or read. But I always love to modify, because in the end of the day, your original thing makes you unique.

With my team, I will make sure or we will make sure you will get the links of your latest posts here also, my agenda is viewrship, I also want to make money but not only money.At last you will get a link about a youtube channel make sure you will subscribe it otherwise:you will miss something important to you

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Contact us through any medium and feel free to share your ideas, thoughts anything, but not that rubbish or such scam thing, you know what I am saying.

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